About Us

About MaestroLamps.com,

Established in 2004, MaestroLamps is one of the leading specialist supplier of Projector Lamps anywhere in the world.

The company, now has an extensive network of loyal customer base built over the years spent. In addition, we have a strong network of global suppliers, who helps us in meeting the buyer needs and streamlining the supply chain distribution for us. With distribution partners in many of the smaller territories MaestroLamps reaches nearly every corner of the unviverse and is by far the largest projector lamp distributors in the world.

Every single brand and model of Projector can be purchased from us, with an assurance of 100% original product guarantee.

Trade and selected country distribution partnerships are most welcome and we will empower those who wish to make lamps a specialist part of their business by helping them create a lamps websites for their country or market sector using our data and stock. We can deliver to nearly every destination in the world the next day in plain label packaging, thereby creating lamp specialists with the minimal overhead.

Simple Buying Experience and Easy Installation:
We are committed to provide unmatched service and satisfaction to all of our customers. Projector Lamps, are easy to install and doesn’t necessarily require a technician all the time. Speak to our customer associate to inquire more on this.

Our Mission:

MaestroLamps is continuing its growth by providing 100% original Projector Lamp and services; to the businesses and consumers worldwide through better marketing and product support. Our goal is to offer our customers the best support and solution for all their audiovisuals needs.

We look forward to serving you and your community.