Projector Lamps & Projector Bulbs in India About Our Projector Lamps

About Our Projector Lamps

About Our Projector Lamps

Don’t be attracted & fooled by low cost cheap copy lamps. Currently the market is flooded with copy lamps since the customer is not able to make out the authenticity of the Projector Lamp, copy lamps sellers are trying to attract them with super low prices for nothing.
At, we sell only 100% OEM Projector Lamps that comes directly from the manufacturer at very competitive prices. While procuring our Projector Lamps, at no point we compromise with the quality of the lamp which is being sourced.
There are imitation manufacturer based in China, who copy the lamps and sell in open market at almost 25% of the actual product value. Those products not only spoils the performance of the product but also harms the device itself which may lead you to face more troubles while claiming the warranty.

Most of the Projector Brands like Sony, Dell, Acer etc don’t manufacture these bulbs on their own, instead they have outsourced these products to specialists like Osram, Philips, Ushio, Phoenix etc. While ordering lamps from; the customer should be rest assured that the bulb used inside the projector is 100% OEM.

Why should you buy from MaestroLamps?
We only sell 100% OEM lamps directly sourced from manufacturer.
Since the lamps are OEM, usually the performance is above all other types and lasts long.
We also offer price match only for Original Products.
Largest Stockists of Projector Lamps
Ships Worldwide
Excellent Customer Support

Just in case if you are not sure about whether your current vendor is selling you authentic 100% original lamps, let us know by email and we should share the tips and secrets to help you out in finding the authenticity of the lamp.